River Talk

River Talk is BACK for another season of storytelling!

Storytelling is a living form of art that tells the narrative of the community one story at a time.

Come join us for our own Haines storytelling gathering, “River Talk”, at the “Chilkat Chit Chat Cafe” in the lobby of the Chilkat Center for the Arts. We plan to have fun with this of a winter’s evening!

Monthly during the winter at 7pm, 7 people will each spend 7 minutes telling a (crazy, sad, funny, or bad) personal story based on a theme. These are not playacting or make believe tales but real true stories told by you, your neighbor, friend, or maybe someone from “outside”.

  • Cost to listen is $7!
  • Cost to tell your story is FREE!

In a cafe setting, local musicians will play some music! Beer and wine will be for sale along with coffee and homemade treats!

For questions or to sign up to tell a story, call 907-314-2509

Once you’ve volunteered your story….. Don’t be nervous! Relax! Stories meander and flow like a river! Some Tips …

  • Don’t try to be polished, that is not what the listeners are expecting.
  • Prepare your 7-minute story, practice in front of the mirror or friends and time it.
  • Don’t read from notes. Your story will be more dynamic with “off the cuff” remarks.

We will introduce you. Please provide a 3-5 sentence bio or anything you feel is relevant. On The Night… Please arrive a little before 7pm. The stories will begin between 7:15-7:30 pm . 4 stories-15 minute break-3 stories. A host will explain a little about River Talk then introduce the storytellers.

“Don’t say the old lady screamed – bring her on and let her scream.” Mark Twain